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  • Lafayette College Strength Center

    Enhance a Colour did a site visit and based upon this used a combination of materials to achieve the branded environment desired. For the concrete block outer walls we used Sintra that was direct…

    Lafayette College Strength Center
  • New Signage for Upper Crust Bagel Company

    The client was looking for a new sign with an authentic rustic worn look so this project began in our in house art department. Using the customers high resolution file we tweaked the graphics to have a weathered look.

    New Signage for Upper Crust Bagel Company
  • FortyOne Madison Announces Remodel

    VP+C was hired to work with 41 Madison to create an elegant display to announce the remodeling of their Merchandise Mart lobby.

    FortyOne Madison Announces Remodel
  • The WWE’s Signage Smackdown

    Scenic Solutions from Dayton, Ohio had contacted Enhance a Colour to create the striking overhead sign for Wrestlemania for the last several years.

    The WWE’s Signage Smackdown
  • Hats off to Reebok’s NHL window display

    Reebok wanted to create an engaging playoff bracket window display using this season’s NHL caps.

    Hats off to Reebok’s NHL window display

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