Artistic Donor Walls & Timeline Visuals Create Flair & Recognition

Donor walls can be an artistic way to recognize your contributors and add some flair to your foyer. This particular wall was designed using client supplied resin blocks with EAC supplied and mounted gold, bronze and silver translucent vinyl adhesive varying in thickness from 2 in. to 0.5 in. and sizes from 5 in. x 5 in. to 12 in. x 12 in.
To show recognition to their donors 300 names had to be applied to each resin block. Due to their size and the material, cutting letters was not an option for this project. Our next avenue was printing directly to the blocks but being 2 inches thick, they could not be direct printed.

Enhance a Colour’s ability to laser die cut was the answer. Several test rounds were done to find the right depth and opacity so the letters were legible. After the client approved the text, several tests were done using different silvers, bronzes and golds to achieve the right opacity so the blocks could still be glow through the vinyl but also adhere to the wall.
300 separate files were laser etched, mounted with vinyl adhesive and packed for SMI to mount to the lightbox wall at the Roundabout theater.

Job Number: 28956 | Date: N/A  |  Client: Show Motion, Roundabout Theater & Rockwell Group



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