Rental Framing Systems

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Customized Portable Bars
Enhance a Colour has 2 rolling bars that can be branded with your custom visuals for your event, both of these rollings bars have lighting and back-lit graphics can be created to enhance your image.

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Pop-pin Frame Systems for Indoor & Outdoor
Pop-Pin framing can be used for visuals indoors or outdoors. Large scale walls can be erected with the pop-pin framing up to 30 ft. wide. and 16 ft. high. Custom graphics are printed to fabric and can be sewn into a sock for double sided graphics that are pulled over the frame and velcroed to the metal bases. Sand bags can be pprovided and the bases have rubber on the bottom of them to protect your flooring. Frames can be assembled with just one tool.

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Barricades & In-line displays
24 in stock: 8 ft. x 3 ft.

Barricades are perfect for crowd control and directional messaging while still getting your brand message across. Enhance a Colour offers two styles of barricades, one with a metal base and the graphic gets sewn into a sock and pulled over the structure, the other is a retractable barricade that pulls down from the top of the frame. Both offer full capabilities of displaying your branding in full color.

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Silicon Edge Gasket Frame Systems – Both Regular and Backlit

Square Columns for outdoor and indoor use:
14 in stock: Large- 4 ft. W x 4 ft. D x 8 to 10 ft. in height
2 in stock: Small- 2 ft. W x 2 ft. D x 8 to 10 ft. in height

Great use in open spaces such as entry ways, rental halls, tents and convention areas. Can be used for branding, informational. Comes with frame, carry bag top blocker and printed fabric. Also has the ability to be used indoors and outdoors. Also has the ability to have LED lighting added to the unit.

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Step and Repeat/Stage Wall/Block Out Wall:
Regular- 8 to 10 ft. in height by 10 to 30 ft. in width by 1 ft. in depth returns
(We have the sticks and the jacks and connectors)
Large- 12-16 ft. in height by 10-50 ft. in width x 1 ft. in depth return.
(We have the sticks and jacks and connectors)

From a simple step and repeat to converting an entire rental space into a custom environment, EaC has the framing system to help. We can do regular step and repeats from 8 ft. to 10 ft. in height to lengths of 10, 20 and 30 ft. You can rent and customize to certain widths for an extra cost. Seamless larger walls are available to create environments like football stadiums with our 16 ft. fabric varying in height from 12 ft. to 16 ft. by 10 ft. to 50 ft. in length. Although we are capable of larger sizes you will likely have a seam. All frames come with a light blocker on the back and 1 ft. Jack returns to stand upright and not to show hardware in the front. Only used for interior use. SEG walls can be used as projection screens as well. Our fabric can handle having images cast on them without it shining through.

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