With only cheap MLB jerseys a 3 week deadline, Enhance A Colour was able to take the creative concept of Lincoln Mercury’s Zen Idea and Kyanite turn it into a mobile tour. A combination of the services that we have to offer, we were able to take their 8” by 11” digital drawings and create all of their visuals. In addition, we created the visuals for easy setup and break down for 8 nieuw different locations throughout the United States. With this project, EAC created a 19’ circular carpet, wooden perogalas, Printed wooden tables, fabric backdrops and several other interactive cheap MLB jerseys displays. Next, EAC installation members went out to Seattle, WA wholesale MLB jerseys to setup and instruct the promotional team on how to setup and run the visuals at the event. As quoted from & the Lincoln Mercury Representative “This is the first time that I have seen the finished product look better than the preliminary drawings.”