Affinity Health Plan is a non-profit organization. In 2007 they were seeking to change the way that they promoted themselves. They met with the owners of Enhance a Colour looking for options. Their fleet of RV’s was ready to be replaced, and had previously been hand painted. EaC showed Affinity Health Plan that for less than five dollars a day their RV’s could become rolling informational billboards.

Over the next five year period, their fleet of vehicles will be in the community delivering their services and as an added bonus advertising their message. The RV’s were so successful that Affinity Health Plan had their SUV’s and cars wrapped as well. Following the vehicles came their new sales/service storefront location in the Bronx. EaC produced five large, 5 feet wide by 7 feet tall, framed prints which we installed onto the store’s walls. Each print had a different yet complimentary message. The front of the store followed the color scheme of the vehicles, and now we are producing stand alone kiosks that are used at various events to help push Affinity Health Plan’s message to the people.