Enhance a Colour was contacted by the promotional agency for Nakheel. They had less than 10 days to create 1200 feet of carpet and assorted support graphics for an event in New York City that was intended to capture the attention of some 100 members of the press. Using aerial photos of the site and working with the agency designers, Enhance a Colour created and installed this project enabling Dubai-based real estate developer Nakheel to put the focus of its media debut on the floor with a graphic carpet that depicted an aerial view of its hometown projects. Attendees could walk along the sites of Nakheel’s massive Palms Trilogy, a set of man made, palm-tree shaped islands housing hotels and homes; The World, a mixed-use development situated on 300 islands fashioned after the continents; and the Waterfront, a beachfront city currently on the rise. The event was held in April 2008.