Enhance a Colour takes part in the London Car Show by helping GM with the launch of Opel’s new “Insignia Invasion”. Instead of having the regular car presentation, GM wanted to create a “Jaw Dropping” experience. After meeting with their PR and Event Production companies, Opel decided to reveal the new car by dropping it out of a prop space ship from 150ft in the air. Since the could not actually create a space ship out of metal, the question became “how do we imitate the look of a space ship and create the effect?” This is where Enhance a Colour comes in.

The project became a group effort by all the departments within EaC. The first step was to find a material that was to resemble the silver metal from the ship but also had to be waterproof to protect the hoist system inside. Once this was accomplished, EaC designers worked with the PR firm to help create the look of the ship and have the right dimensions to fit the framing structure. EaC then had its sewing and fabricating department take the printed goods, water proofing material and attachment pieces and transfrm them into the panels for the outer layer of the space ship. It was then delivered to our clients location to mount to the frame. This was done in a matter of 3 weeks and was a huge success at the London Car Show.