Ever go to the mall and wonder how did that display get there?  How could it be that big?  EaC, working with a media company’s mall division, has come up with a way to produce 12 foot x 15 foot seamless dye sub fabric printing that attaches to a metal frame system that was designed and manufactured by Enhance a Colour.  The EaC-designed frame system accommodates up to two 12 foot x 15 foot dye-sub fabric banners yet weighs less than 60 pounds!  To our knowledge, Enhance a Colour is the only company in the US able to produce 16 foot seamless dye sublimated fabric printing by any length.   Why Dye-Sub you ask?  Better color gamut, inks become one with fabric, no cracking or ink coming off the display, the ability to machine wash, machine dry and iron the fabric with no apparent difference to the look and feel.  These are but a few ways Enhance a Colour can help you.