In Brooklyn, NY a new Charter School was formed. Part of the curriculum has an emphasis on the different ways that Judaism is shown and taught throughout the world. The new Charter School was looking for a way to teach the first through third grades using interchangeable visuals. Enhance a Colour was contracted to make six sets of fabric books 18” x 31” in size with 12 pages to the book where each page could be changed using interchangeable zippers. This way the order of the book can be added to or changed to fit the teacher’s curriculum. Enhance a Colour used our Preimaging Services to scan and color correct all the flat art pieces, printed all the art using our Vutek Fabrivu Dye Sublimated Fabric Printers and then used our finishing department to sew the fabric and zippers to each page and assemble the books. To give the books rigidity, _” white Gatorfoam was used to support the pages and as a final step each book was put in its own travel bag.