Enhance a Colour worked with Marc Zaref Design to create a series of timelines and historic prints for the ASPCA headquarters in New York City. Enhance a Colour produced high quality laminated digital C-prints mounted to 3/4″ MDF wooden boards which were then adhered to a one inch deep framing material. Blonde maple edging was added to the border to give the timelines and historic photos a finished, accented look. Enhance a Colour’s installation team used wooden French cleats on the top and L brackets on the bottoms of each print to achieve a permanent and flush fit of the print to the wall.

Enhance a Colour has over 20 years experience working with design firms and advertising agencies supporting corporate, non-profit, and higher education clients. Our pre-imaging team works with the designer to insure the artwork they create is optimized for large format prints.

After artwork is finalized, Enhance a Colour’s digital c-prints are created using a digital exposure system. This method uses LEDs to expose light sensitive photographic paper, and is processed using traditional silver based chemistry creating a vibrant print without distortion or defect up to 49 1/2” inches wide.

Enhance a Colour recommends laminating C-Prints with a protective film to provide protection against fading, fingerprints and other contaminates. Lamination will protect and prolong the life of C-prints.

When producing large format prints, it is important that you consider how you intend to display them. MDF is an affordable substrate with a smooth ridged surface. MDF is a heavy material so requires substantial fixing when hanging. Enhance a Colour’s installation team offers personal attention to your project, choosing the right accessories, and helping your finished project look great.