Enhance a Colour was asked by Farmington Display to create four full color, double sided displays. Farmington Display selected Enhance a Colour’s backlit fabric from a range of available fabric choices. The prints were continuous tone and of outstanding color and quality. Leveraging the ability to print 16 feet dye-sublimated fabric by any length, Enhance a Colour created a seamless display, sewn finished with a rubber gasket to attach to the edges of an existing frame structure for a final size of 156” x 216” (16’ x 18’).

Enhance a Colour has been helping our clients by producing fabric visuals such as backdrops, banners, table skirts and tension fabric displays. Working from our own manufacturing and production facility, Enhance a Colour makes your life easier by delivering the highest quality graphics with on-time service.

Enhance a Colour’s dye-sublimated printed fabric is vibrant and vivid and produces blacks that are rich and dark. Competitors may sell 16 foot fabric, but do so with a Solvent or UV process. These colors are usually muddy and washed out. One client recognized that our fabric “popped” and stood out amongst all other fabrics at the recent trade show.

Unless well-hidden, a seam will stand out like a sore thumb and distract the consumer from noticing your client’s product. Enhance a Colour’s 16 foot dye-sublimated fabric means fewer seams than the competition.

Enhance a Colour works tirelessly to meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. We can help customize any visual. We can go large, sew to finish, or fit to frames. Enhance a Colour can offer you advantages over our competitors, and unique and creative services for you to offer to your clients.