Enhance a Colour worked with BKA in New York City to create 60 displays to announce the new health plan being introduced to the employees of the Quintile Corporation’s fifteen locations. The pull-up fabric displays were created from 4 different images to publicize “The New Health.” Enhance a Colour manufactured and shipped the displays within a two week window so that each location received their displays before the January 19, 2010 kick-off announcement.

With all the attention on health care recently, an organization needs to inform, explain and make themselves understood. Corporations need to produce, package, and deliver their persuasive messages from their own perspective. Creativity is needed to get their message across.  In 1999, Edward J. Lordan advised communicators “Integrate your activities so that members of your audience can take full advantage of everything, and every way, you have to communicate.”

Integrating your corporate announcements with graphic visuals can help your organization communicate effectively.  Custom printed fabric banners and pull-up fabric displays are a great way to augment your corporate communications.  Compared to vinyl banners, fabric banners weigh less and are less costly to ship.  Pull-up fabric displays are a great way to display your marketing and advertising just about anyplace, while addressing any concerns about where you might hang a fabric banner.

Working from our own manufacturing and production facility, Enhance a Colour can make your life easier by delivering a quality product at a fair price with great on-time service.