Imagine you are holding an event in two days in three locations across the country.

You are probably a little stressed out, reviewing last minute details. You want your event to run smoothly, with no surprises. Then, you realize, “someone” forgot to order the backdrop displays. Now what?

Don’t feel like your back is pressed up against a wall. The answer is easy. Call Enhance a Colour.

With a phone call on a Monday, Enhance a Colour provided rush service, printing display boards 4 feet wide by 8 feet tall for the kick-off of the “I Love Reese’s Day Campaign.” We expedited shipping with FedEx Custom Critical service to Chicago and Los Angeles, and delivery to New York City to meet the Wednesday afternoon deadline.

Why call Enhance a Colour in a pinch?

At Enhance a Colour, we understand the human factor. We want to see our customers succeed. We will run around the clock, get up early, and quit late to make sure that happens.

With our equipment, our inventory and most importantly our people, we bring options to the table, even late in the game.

Give Enhance a Colour a call to help you reach the finish line on time for your next project.