At Enhance a Colour, maps are a very popular request. Enhance a Colour can print any type of map, on carpet, canvas, or wallpaper, to fit any size floor, wall, or window.

A customer in California wanted a carpet with the state’s terrain elevations, printed to fit a room 168 inches by 168 inches or 14 x 14 feet. With the only 16 foot wide seamless dye sublimated printing process in the United States, Enhance a Colour created a single oversized carpet which was trimmed to final size for an easy, perfect installation.

Political maps showing the lines that define states, territories, and countries are the most popular request, followed by physical maps which give insight into the physical features of the world, including mountains, rivers, lakes, and oceans. In addition to maps, skylines, scenic landscapes, and beach sunsets are commonly requested.

With your room as your canvas, your imagination is your limit. With Enhance a Colour’s help, we can bring your imagination to life.  Call 1-800-894-0264 today to learn more.