Atomic Design asked Enhance a Colour to produce two backdrops for the Z100 Christmas Jingle Ball Event. The visual we created was 48 feet wide by 10 feet high. We printed onto back lit material, but in 3 pass mode. Atomic Design wanted certain areas to shine like the Z100 logos and snow flakes but we wanted other areas to be opaque so that light did not come through. The process was spot 4C, 4C+ white spot and 4C spot on top. It took 3 passes and 5 hours per backdrop. Also certain areas like the snowflakes shined through when backlit but then went black when not backlit. They were printed in the second layer and covered in black on the last layer. With the ability to do this, they were able to use different color LEDS to shine lights in certain areas without them spreading into other areas, due to our ability to opaque areas with day night day. We did two back drops because the stage swiveled.