PRG, Production Resource Group, the world’s leading supplier of entertainment and event technology had the assignment to produce all the stage effects for the Broadway Production of the “Book of Mormon” which included the colorful oversized stage backdrops along with the supporting set items. Having worked in the past with Enhance a Colour for “Spiderman” on Broadway, PRG again called on Enhance a Colour to help with the colorful fabric backdrops that would be needed.

There were seven oversized backdrops to be done that would consist of the smallest being 21’ 6” by 7’ 3” and the largest being 47’ by 26’ in size. Almost all were of the larger sizes and Enhance a Colour needed to produce over 6,500 square feet of colorful dye-sublimated fabric graphics in a timely manner; for the show needed to go on. Another standard theatric request was that there should be a minimum of seams to be seen on the backdrops. Enhance a Colour being one of the few printers in the United States, who could produce seamless 16 foot by any length Dye-sublimated printing along with having a complete sewing department was able to work with the shows designers and PRG to fulfill this request. (The reason Dye-sublimated printing is so critical is that it has a huge color gamut when compared to Solvent and UV printers.)

There were a number of different materials used to produce these backdrops and Enhance a Colour normally carries 8 or 9 different 16 foot fabrics in stock that can be used for theatrical work. The pictures shown here were from Enhance a Colour’s shop floor while production was going on. “Book of Mormon” is presently playing on Broadway to excellent reviews and so we recommend you go see it to see how the final backdrops look in a real performance.

 Book of Mormon - Hell Portal

Book of Mormon – Hell Portal Backdrop 48’ by 26’ printed to Broadway plus with vertical seams, weights across the top and the sides and bottom unfinished.

Book of Mormon - Hell Border Backdrop

Book of Mormon – Hell Border Backdrop 46’ by 16’ printed to TCS 300 fabric with vertical seams, weight across the top and the sides and bottom unfinished.

Book of Mormon - Pageant Prop

Book of Mormon – Pageant Prop 8’ by 8’ printed burlap fabric material used as set props. To our knowledge EaC is the first to be able to print to burlap.