In 2010 Enhance a Colour worked with Farmington Display to create four full color, double-sided displays made from dye-sublimated backlit fabric for Beaulieu of America’s Bliss Carpets trade show booth at the Surfaces Show in Las Vegas. The prints were sewn to fit an existing structure, the final size was 156 inches (13 feet) tall by 216 inches (18 feet) wide. As a finishing touch, a rubber gasket was sewn to the edges of the fabric displays and fit into the frames. Utilizing Enhance a Colour’s ability to print dye-sublimated fabric to 16 ft. seamless by any length, the prints were continuous with outstanding color and quality.

In 2011 we worked with Farmington Display again on new fabric skins for the 13 foot by 18 foot frames. They also changed all of the fabric prints for the over-head displays and hanging banners. The displays were all produced with dye-sublimated inks and this year we used recycled fabrics from Fisher textiles. Bliss carpet had a tremendous response at this year’s Surface Show at the Mandalay Bay Resort Hotel in Las Vegas.