Skintimate Displays for New York Fashion Week 2011

Shaving can totally feel like a chore, but Skintimate is helping to make it a lot more stylish! At Lincoln Center, amidst all the New York Fashion Week hustle and bustle, the top-selling shave prep line announced that they’ve enlisted Mara Hoffman to revamp their shave gel cans. Known for her vibrant colors and prints, Mara applied the same dynamic visuals to four different Skintimate scents. The designer cans hit stores in May.

For this event at New York Fashion Week, Enhance a Colour was called upon by BMF Media Group to produce four fabric displays representing four different Skintimate products. Three were six feet tall and the other was seven feet tall. Each display has an aluminum frame wrapped with a fire rated fabric. Artwork came in on Tuesday at 1 PM and we delivered on Thursday 2 PM. Production time less than two days. In addition, each display has its own custom made carry bag.

Designer Mara Hoffman with the “Flirty Mango” can at Fashion Week.

Skintimate staff and designer Mara Hoffman with the “Skin Therapy” can at Fashion Week.

Carry Bags