Enhance a Colour introduces its hottest product offering “Digitally Created Colour Carpets”. Using our 15 years of experience with dye-sublimation printing and over twenty five years as color separators, we can now offer four-color images printed to carpet. A culmination of significant research and development, the Enhance a Colour custom carpet process utilizes rolls of heat transfer material printed on our superwide printers used in conjunction with our specialized heat press. Enhance a Colour is one of the few companies in the world capable of producing dye-sublimated printed carpets at 10 and 16 feet in width from a roll of carpet.

Unlike UV inks or solvent inks which sit on the surface of the carpet, our dye-sublimation process embeds the ink into the fibers to become part of the fiber of the carpet. This gives our products a brighter, long-lasting image that does not wear off like other digitally created carpets where the ink is applied in a layer on top of the carpet fibers. Our method offers you a greater color gamut by using 380 degrees of heat and 400 pounds of pressure that causes the ink to become a gas which attaches itself to the poly fibers. The greatest benefit of this is the carpets can be steam cleaned or scrub washed without effecting the color of the carpet. The UV and solvent ink processed carpets cannot make this claim without the effect of ink fade-away or cracking.

Durability, clarity of image, variety of graphics and versatility of creative expression all combine in this new application to allow the customer the avenue to uniquely achieve a goal of promoting their product, coordinating their displays, or decorating their office or home. It is now affordable for even the smallest companies and retail outlets to acquire long-lasting carpeting for almost any application including store interiors, lobbies, trade show booths and more.

Offering two grades of dye-sublimated carpet using any electronic image in 10 foot and 16 foot wide by any length sections, the only limit is your imagination. All printing is up to a max of 16 feet wide for 9 oz. grade, and 122 inches wide for the other grade. Panels wider than maximums are seamed together.

Carpet Available:
9 Ounce Trade show/Promo Grade -1 to 2 Years Life Expectancy:
30 Ounce – 5+ Years Life Expectancy

Please see the following examples of Dye-Sublimated Carpets. To learn more about using Dye-Sublimated Carpets in your next project, contact Jim O’Connor at Enhance a Colour at  888-907-8370.