One of the most interesting materials used theatrically are scrims or voiles. With certain lighting you can have an image become totally opaque but at the same time, with different light angles, you can reveal a different image behind it. Many designers and scenic shops use “shark tooth scrim” to produce this effect and it works great when painted. Printing on the other hand is a whole different issue. Colors always seem to be muted, faded and images are never really crisp, bright and sharp.

Enhance A Colour however, now has come up with a new material and print process that produces the same theatrical effects as shark tooth scrim, but offers much more vibrant colors, crisp images and the ability to go up to 16 foot seamless by any length: Our answer, 16 foot fabric voiles!

For the past three years, Enhance a Colour has been working with people in the theatric world producing printed scrims with our “NEW” voile product. Even though the theatric marketplace was hesitant at first about this new product, they have all become converts once they saw the final results. Below are several examples of what we have done for others:

Master Class

Master Class – Enhance a Colour worked with Alexander Dodge and Papermill Play House to create an effect that would go from a wooden paneled room to revealing an auditorium. We worked with their scenic shop and printed the wooden panels on our scrim and mounted it to their metal frames with velcro. When front lit, the audience received the wooden panel look as shown below. When they turn off the front lights and shine the back lights the wooden panels disappear and reveal the auditorium drop we printed on TCS 300.

New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam’s Transparent Drops – Enhance a Colour worked with River City Scenic to produce backdrops for New Amsterdam Cruise lines. The designers wanted a transparent effect that was colorful and vibrant. With our ability to print up to 16 foot using the dye-sublimation process, we were able to produce a visual they desired. The three backdrops were made with two side panels, measuring 25′ W x 15′ H with 50% fullness and the main back panel was 34′ 2″ W x 15′ H with 50% fullness.

For your next scrim project, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We will gladly help you out.