Enhance a Colour welcomes you to our world of digitally printed laminate technology; a place where your ideas come to life in high resolution. High pressure laminate (HPL) is our latest success in R&D, which combines the most advanced graphic imaging technology with the proven durability of high pressure laminates.

This technology embeds your full color designs to your chosen laminated panel surface using extreme heat and pressure to create a permanent fusion of the image with unmatched durability and brilliant color reproduction. HPL panel surfaces include Formica, fiberglass, wood, aluminum, steel and marble surfaces. These environmentally friendly coatings are free of VOCs, free of lead and other heavy metals, and phthalates.

The Benefits of this High Pressure Digital Laminate Process:
• Scratch resistance
• High resolution
• Subsurface
• Stain resistance
• Full vibrant color
• Customizable
• Digital One Of A Kind