“Free Man of Color”, starring Mos Def, opened at Lincoln Center to rave reviews.  This production was set in 19th Century New Orleans, and the stage design for the production reflected the feeling of the time period.

Enhance a Colour working with Show Motion, received the assignment to print and produce the rich colorful backdrops and stage props for the play.  Using Enhance a Colour’s 16 foot seamless by any length dye sublimated printing process we were able to make multiple seamless ship sails that were used throughout the production.  Each of the sails approached 16 feet in height and 20 foot in width with no visible seams.

Ships Sails on Stage & on Shop Floor

Along with the sails for the ships, Enhance a Colour used the dye-sub process to create a number of large 19th Century North American Maps of the time period. There were additional dye- sub uses for the Bed Panels and Wallpaper drape coverings for the bedroom scenes in the play to also reflect the time period.

Stage Prop on Stage & on Shop Floor

Wallpaper and Drapes in Bedroom Scene on Stage & Wallpaper on Shop Floor

Maps on Shop Floor

“Free Man of Color” is another excellent example of how Enhance a Colour is on the cutting edge of stage backdrops and prop production utilizing its resources to produce both rigid and flexible substrates.