Internationally known Swedish Match, a unique tobacco company, envisions becoming the global smoke-free leader in tobacco products through developing, manufacturing and marketing its tobacco products to a world-wide audience. They came to Enhance a Colour for a creative solution to their event display problem.

Client’s Problem – To have 3 cost effective displays produced that can be taken to twenty plus locations such as night clubs and bars. Each display must be lightweight and portable so it will fit into a car eliminating the need to rent vans and drivers. One person needs to be able to assemble the display and run the event.

EACGS’ Solution – Enhance a Colour created an aluminum frame system that assembles with pop pins so no tools are needed. We cover the frame with customized printed fabric for the inside and outside. EaC also creates a three-sided portable display table that provides an excellent location within the display area for sample products and gives continuity to the desired theme. A customized entrance carpet, rubberized to prevent slipping, accents the display. The entire structure when broken down fits into 4 carry bags for the three event teams to move on their east coast road show.

View Inside of Booth on Left, Carpet on Right