Budweiser Futbol Kings

Enhance a Colour has come up with a new product producing graphics for the use of flooring called Printable Dance Floor/Marley. For special events, traveling shows, and even permanent installation, EACGS offers a durable yet vibrant product that allows for easy installation and portability. This new innovative product is offered in sizes up to 58 inches wide by 30-40 foot lengths and is coated with a textured/grit lamination to help prevent people from slipping. In addition, it is also fire rated. This product can be used on dance floors, theatrical show decks, flooring for mobile events and even entrance ways. This fabrication is a great new way to Enhance your flooring for your next event.

Examples of this product being used are:

Budweiser Dance Troop
Enhance a Colour produced a 14 foot circular soccer mat printed in three panels using four-color process inks with a UV floor lamination for protection for the Futbol Kings. Budweiser’s breathtaking freestyle futbol display has been captivating audiences across the nation since the start of last year’s World Cup.

The industry’s signature event recognizes the best of the best in experiential marketing campaigns. Sponsored by Anheuser-Busch InBev, Futbol Kings consisted of appearances at retail accounts and high traffic locations touching upon two Hispanic passion points: soccer and music. With the support of a branded Budweiser Futbol Kings tour bus and soccer mat, a select team of freestyle soccer experts (wearing branded uniforms) and drummers did what they do best: dribble soccer balls to Brazilian beats.

14 foot Circular Soccer Mat - EACGS Shop Floor

Man and Boy – Hudson Scenic
Enhance a Colour worked with Hudson Scenic Studios to create linoleum flooring for the show ‘Man and Boy’. Instead of repainting a pattern grid layout that could take up to 2-3 weeks to produce, EACGS digitally re-drew the files to create the pattern and then added the effect of making the floor look like linoleum but also giving it a textured look. We then broke it into horizontal panels so it could look seamless on the show deck. After it was produced, Hudson applied their theatrical effects of making the material look aged and easily installed it onto the deck. Once installed, everyone was very happy with the end result. The project was completed within 8 business days from design, proofing and production. The overall size was 35’6″ W x 22’6″ H for the first panel and 14’9″ W x 12’3″ H for the second panel.

Hudson Scenic 'Man and Boy' Dance Floor - EACGS Shop Floor