Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA is making room on their campus for a new 12-story academic center for the LeBow College of Business. The new building, located on Market Street at the center of the campus will be the gateway to Drexel University. An existing building, Matheson Hall, which has stood at the location since 1965 is being demolished to make way for the new construction. The focus of the LeBow College of Business building is to bring the faculty and students together in one central location which will also benefit the interaction of the alumni and the business community.

Enhance a Colour helped Drexel University with branding the fencing for the construction barricade around the building site. 2,500 feet of 70/30 vinyl mesh was printed and grommeted for installation to the fence with zip ties. The uniform look for the site of the ongoing new construction at the university provides an informative narrative of what is to come.

During the installation of the banners, LeBow filmed the process over a 6 hour span. Click here to see the video. Drexel University hoped to have the demolition completed by Thanksgiving so they can start on the new foundation.

View of the construction site from Market Street

View of the construction site from the center of campus

Close-up of banners and how they are attached to the fencing

Mock-up of what the building will look like completed, view from Market Street

Is your company planning to renovate? Barrier graphics are the way to go. They generate interest and excitement in what’s to come and hide the site during construction. Blank wooden barriers attract stickers, posters and graffiti. Construction graphics offer an appealing image with a message. Call Jim O’Connor at Enhance a Colour (800) 894-0264 for more information.