So many times people who have had their Trade Show Exhibit Booths for 5 or 10 years think they have to redo their entire Exhibit Booths when in most cases a “fresh set of graphics” will do the trick.  Yes, it is a fact that technology has made the new Trade Show and Exhibit booths much lighter and easier to set up, but when budgets are a concern, and you already own your booth, a fresh set of graphics most times will do the trick.  Enhance a Colour, as a full service, large format printing company with just about every type of technology has the staff and expertise to help.  The next time you are evaluating what to do about your trade show booth, why not, gives us a call and let us show you how to get a “better bang for your buck”.

RE-Inventing an Existing Trade Show Booth

Re-Inventing an Existing Trade Show Booth