These four organizations customized printed carpet to stop traffic:

Custom Printed Carpets

Custom Printed Carpets

At the University of Wisconsin at Madison find printed carpet branding the Dean of Students office. Enhance a Colour produced a 9 foot by 5 foot dye-sublimation printed carpet trimmed to the shape of the school’s crest.

At the Westin Hotel Lobby TGI Systems used printed carpet to promote the MLS Cup. Three carpets promoted the event and measured 93 inches by 67 inches. Each was produced on Enhance a Colour’s promotional grade carpet material.

For the 2011 NFL season Spevco used printed carpet for the Coke Zero product launch . These custom carpets were printed using dye-sublimation and contour cut to the shape of a football.

On your next cruise, you might see the printed carpet Scenery First used to create a larger than life sized “Sorry!” game board. Comprised of two pieces, the overall size of this carpet is 16 feet wide by 30 feet long, printed on EACGS’s rubber backed carpet material.

For your next promotion or branding event consider Enhance a Colour for custom printed and contour cut carpets to achieve an award winning look.