Custom Hanging Display Wows at The Int’l Boston Seafood Show

Overhead Fabric Display

For the International Boston Seafood Show Enhance a Colour had the opportunity to create an overhead display to promote the “Incredible India” booth. EACGS produced a 20 ft. by 40 ft. by 6 ft. tall fabric banner to be wrapped around a custom built aluminum frame.

The dye-sublimation printed fabric banner featured colorful artwork of foods prepared with seafood from India as well as images representing the country. The aluminum frame built in the EACGS shop is quite large taking up almost the entire shop floor. The fabric banner wrapped around the frame and attached with Velcro. This overhead display is very vibrant and eye-catching and surely attracted visitors to the booth.

Fabric Display on EACGS Shop Floor

Fabric Display on EACGS Shop Floor

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