Upfront Week is upon us and television advertising executives are scoping out who they want to endorse in the upcoming Fall Season. Upfront Week is a yearly event when television networks entice prospecting advertisers with lavish parties. These Upfront events usually are held in posh ballrooms with cocktails and live performances by popular artists.

This year Largent Studios was tasked with recreating a replica UFC Octagon, and they came to Enhance a Colour to produce a carpet for the Univision Event at the Roseland Ballroom. The 20 foot by 20 foot octagonal shaped carpet featured the UFC logo in the center as it would appear on the floor of the actual Octagon, along with the Univision Radio logo. Printed in two sections using the dye-sublimation process, the carpet was then trimmed to shape then placed on the floor inside of a replica Octagon built for the Upfront event.

During the event UFC fighter Anthony Pettis was on hand to appear in photographs with fans, while performances by various artists also took place. Largent Studios greatly appreciated the quality of the work Enhance a Colour provided, and was “Pleasantly Astonished” to see how “much more brilliant and correct in color the carpet was compared to” items printed by other vendors. The dye-sub process creates much more vibrant colors and crisp graphics by embedding images into the fabric as opposed to solvent inks that sit on top of the surface and look muted in color.