Enhance a Colour known for its ability to Create Unique Images and Displays was called upon to help refresh a major Children’s Hospital Lobby in New York City. After almost ten years with its lobby the same way, the hospital wanted to promote the fact that its Specialties services were Nationally Ranked and to draw on its New York City ties.

Enhance a Colour’s design and pre-imaging services team helped to create the new concept working with the hospital’s marketing department. Then Enhance a Colour’s production departments joined in creating a customized aluminum frame system and full color fabric banners that were printed two sides with pole pockets and weighted bottoms to create a chandelier effect in the middle of the two story lobby area. Also using 3M PSV we were able to create a pictorial gallery on the outer lobby wall as we staggered photos of those who had been served by the hospital on both the inside and the outside glass wall as we mirrored the pictures. We also used large Fabric Displays to help promote the rankings of the hospitals specialties and near the elevator lobby area we created a photographic mural with literature holders beneath it so the hospital could promote their individual specialties where all could see them.  As a finishing touch to the lobby refresh the Enhance a Colour installation teams came to work at 9:00 PM each night (after visiting hours) and worked for a few days thru the night to finish the Refresh of the hospitals lobby.