Enhance a Colour with our unique customized printed flooring concepts provided a choice of flooring mediums to help organize and colorize the NFL’s 2012 opening night kick-off ceremonies at Giant’s Stadium in the Meadowlands.

The NFL and Giants wanted to present to the fans the four Super Bowl trophies won by the Giants from Super Bowl 21, 25, 42 and the 2011 Season, Super Bowl 46. Working with the design team of Louis Malgrino and Anita LaScala, Enhance a Colour offered examples of custom printed carpets, Marley rubberized flooring and custom printed vinyl flooring. The decision to use custom printed Marley rubberized dance flooring material was based on the fact that it could be used outdoors in all weather environments while still holding its printed appeal. The concept to print a floor design for the arrival areas depicting each of the Super Bowls won by the New York Giants became the directional indicators for placement of the Super Bowl trophies during the actual opening night kickoff ceremonies.

Enhance a Colour produced four different 10 foot by 20 foot customized Marley floors using ç for outstanding color and then finished each piece with a non-skid matte protective overlamination. As an added bonus of producing the pieces in less than five working days at Enhance a Colour’s 35,000 square foot production facility in Danbury, CT, we took the pressure off making due date deadlines for the event.

On an informative note, Marley flooring is available in 10 foot widths and can be printed using 4-color process inks, and a matte or gloss non-skid overlamination gives you a protective coating choice. For areas larger than 10 feet wide by 40 feet long, the pieces can be tiled together. To see and learn more: click here or you can call Jim O’Connor at 1-800-894-0264.