Columbus Day celebrates a tradition, and in New York City, it is the world’s largest celebration of Italian-American heritage and culture.

The Columbus Citizens Foundation members have gathered in the Waldorf Astoria Grand Ballroom the weekend before Columbus Day for over sixty years honoring their parade’s Grand Marshall, and other guests while raising funds for scholarships and other philanthropic goals.

For the past five years, Enhance a Colour has helped the Columbus Citizens Foundation by producing large fabric backdrops and other event graphics for the fundraising gala.

For this year’s event, talented musicians performed on stage while a large stage backdrop 22 feet high by 28 feet wide sat behind the performers. Meanwhile, the cocktail reception featured a 8 feet by 10 feet double-sided free-standing pillowcase display.

When it comes to planning an event or gala, everything revolves around the date. Decorations should add to an event’s ambiance, but guests’ thoughts should focus on the event. The graphics need to arrive on time for the event, regardless of delays in creating artwork, revising content, or getting approvals. Enhance a Colour excels at working past potential issues, and delivering the graphics needed for your event on your date.