Theaters, ballets, special events, musical tours, retail and even trade shows are but just a few of the ways people can use 16 foot wide by any length fabric panels. Enhance a Colour with one of the only 16 ft. wide dye-sublimation printers and heat calendars in the world has created hundreds of Fabric Backdrops for our clients.

The advantages of Dye-Sublimation Printing are numerous and hard to explain in this tiny space but combining this printing technology with 16 ft. wide by any length fabric capability opens the door to unlimited possibilities. Just being able to have a much larger color gamut with Dye-Sub printing is a start. The ability to have your colors become one with the fabric is another and the ability to be able to wash and dry your fabric displays without affecting your color is still yet another.

Think of the uses and the size of the spaces you can cover with very little labor needed for the install. Think of Theatric Backdrops, Ballet or Musical Tour spaces. A 60 ft. wide backdrop that is 28 ft. high only needs three vertical seams to cover the width; helping to eliminate sewing errors and the time of production. A Trade show registration area 14 ft. high by 70 ft. long can be seamless or how about a Pop-Up Retail Space where large areas of space are transformed by seamless Dye-Sub printed fabric walls in no time flat. Think of how easy it is to put up and take down a mobile display using 16 ft. wide dye-sublimated fabric. It is foldable and you do not have to worry about ink cracking or scratching from the surface as in other processes. Another huge advantage is to think how little your fabric weighs in comparison to other options.

Take some time and let your mind wander. How can you use 16 ft. Dye-Sub Printed Fabric for your next event? If you need some help, call for a free consultation with us at Enhance a Colour.  We are here to help you!