Swarovski, a manufacturer of exclusive jewelry and accessories with an emphasis on sparkling crystals wanted a different look for their 2012 Trade Shows. Working with a 20 foot Island Booth concept, Swarovski’s objective was to have attendees see into their booth from all sides with accessibility only at the 20 foot front opening allowing for greater visibility of the products within.

Swarovski’s trade show vendor after researching their requests called Enhance a Colour looking for a sheer, printable fabric that could be hung from a truss system. It also needed to be a seamless fabric 12 feet high by 20 feet wide for three sides of the Island Booth. As Enhance a Colour is one of the only companies capable of printing high quality, dye-sublimated fabrics up to 16 feet wide by any length, Swarovski’s request was easy. Enhance a Colour’s Voile fabric gave them the sheer look they wanted.

Call Enhance a Colour to find out more about our customized dye-sublimated printing technology which offers you a larger color gamut on a variety of fabrics. A product that is colorfast, machine washable/dryable, lightweight, foldable, easy to ship and customized with your images up to 16 feet high by any length certainly will capture the attention of your customers. Let us show you how we can help.