January is usually a slow month where people regroup, set goals and formulate what to do for the upcoming year.  But not this year at Enhance a Colour, as we have been called upon by Showmotion and the designers of the upcoming show Matilda to help them create a truly unique and different “Scenic Piece” for their upcoming show.

The goal was to create a 15 foot wide by 15 foot high wall using different size boxes that were wrapped with a textured surface while being printed on the fronts and backs.  Also the boxes making up the wall had to be different sizes, have different spacing issues, different print patterns and when put together be able to line up and look like a continuous pattern.  Oh, by the way, when the wall was put together it should not look like it was printed but rather that a child had drawn it with white chalk.  Just a few small criteria to consider and only a few items to account for.  After considerable thought and the reworking of design ideas Enhance a Colour was able to take on this challenge and make the designers and Showmotion’s ideas a reality.


This was made possible by Enhance a Colour’s super creative design team and by our technically savvy graphics department.  We were able to take an original hand painted image of the pattern to be used, scan it and then repeat the pattern to fill a 15 foot by 15 foot area, while not making it look like it had been cloned over and over, and yet not seem as if it was an easily repeatable pattern.  Once the area and pattern had been set, Enhance a Colour, color corrected the file to match the original image. The design team then took the renderings from Showmotion of the box sizes and their layout and fit it to the pattern, so the 15′ by 15′ wall, could then be broken down into individual files and sent  to Enhance a Colour’s large format printers.

To solve the issue of the Textured prints, Enhance a Colour found a stucco surfaced wall paper with an adhesive backer that gave the printing the textured look the designers were looking for. In addition, due to the adhesive backer, we were easily able to mount and wrap the boxes provided us by Showmotion.

In the end we were able to bring the designers creativity into reality and deliver exactly what they had envisioned at the onset, that looked like a hand drawn unique and custom scenic wall, that in the end was a printed gem.

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