In November 2011, for a big marketing push at the start of the holiday season, Microsoft launched their campaign for the new Windows Phone. A 55 ft. tall replica of the new Windows Phone had been erected in Herald Square, right in the middle of Manhattan.

‘ The enormous telephone had tiles on the face that would open up at different times to reveal demonstrations of its capabilities during the event.

To help make this possible, Hudson Scenic was brought in to produce the rigging, lighting and screens for this event. Yet even though Hudson had the screen and structure of the phone, it still needed to resemble the look of one and protect all of their hardware. Enhance a Colour answered the call to help Hudson make this possible.

With our 16 ft. solvent printer, EACGS printed on our 13 oz. billboard vinyl material to cover the sides, roof and part of the face to make the structure resemble the phone. The reason for choosing vinyl was for the durability to protect the electronics inside from the outdoor elements such as weather during the week setup in Herald Square.

One of the more exciting parts of this project was producing the sides and back as one solid panel to make it easier for Hudson Scenic to install on-site with their crane. The EACGS finishing department produced the 76 ft. 6 in. W x 50 ft. H panel by using welding equipment to create the solid piece. Additionally, we produced tent walls using our 13 oz. vinyl for the tents surrounding the large cell phone.

The Mango Phone release was a successful event that ran in Herald Square NYC from November 1st through 7th. It was a blast to work on it and Enhance a Colour thanks Hudson Scenic for making us a part of this project.