If you want your show to be a hit, everyone knows you have to start with great material. Presenting Velour Custom Printed Fabrics by Enhance a Colour.

Our Velour Custom Printed Fabrics can be featured on stage as permanent theater drapes, and can also be used as specially made fabric scenery. At Enhance a Colour, we produce everything you can envision and we would never consider limiting you to pre-made colors or designs. We have the ability to dye-sub print the fabric in any color you desire. We can even embed custom imagery in the material, giving your audience a memorable visual experience.

Our printed Velour is created with vibrant, stunning color and detail. Through extensive research and development we have devised a process to embed inks into the fabric resulting in a plush, rich look and feel. Since the images are embedded in the material, they are easily cleaned, and fade resistant. Enhance a Colour Velour is not painted, so the designs won’t chip, and never have to be retouched. Our creations can star in a long running show.

Enhance a Colour Velour Printed Fabrics most recent appearance was in Broadway’s “The Nance”. The visually striking stage set was designed with Velour flat wraps for the on-stage signs, and Velour backing was used to create a wall which appeared to look like brick. Flat wraps were also custom created to seem like curtains for the headers and side legs. In order to produce the project, Enhance a Colour worked from original files, fit them to the drawings from the scenic designer and Showmotion, and added 6” of image/color bleed — proving that Enhance a Colour can be an important part of any professional cast.

Let’s Talk Details: We can print on both 25oz and 20oz fabric weights. We can expertly seam the up-to four feet wide materials, providing the audience with a seamless experience. We are also able to sew vertical panels to form stunning 40×30 huge back drops, with your choice of 50, 75, or 100% ripple fullness. Our Velour is offered in traditional Flame Retardant Cotton or in Inherently Flame Retardant synthetic.

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