The Final Four is one of the most exciting moments in Sports, the culmination of all March Madness sweat and tears, upsets and triumphs. And this year, Enhance a Colour was there to provide a key assist for this amazing event. Adidas, the sponsor for both the Louisville Cardinals and the Michigan Wolverines, wanted to throw a dynamic party to salute their teams and generate excitement for their products.

Coaches from around the nation were invited to celebrate. Enhance a Colour, teaming with Henry V Events, rallied to meet the challenge.

The clock was ticking – since it was touch and go right until the days before as to which team would make it to the Final Four. When the news was announced, we jumped into action. We created a vibrant 8 ft. by 12 ft. seamless fabric backdrop to welcome attendees. Two attention grabbing 8 ft. by 8 ft. pop-ups were produced to stir up team pride, along with crowd pleasing unique banner stands. Custom frames for the backdrop and pop-ups were also created.

We took the final shot by going to Atlanta, where our installation pros did some quick footwork and installed and removed the entire event in just one day. The celebration was a clear victory, and Adidas looked like a top performer in front of all the coaches.

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