The latest material creating a stir on Broadway is Sharktooth Scrim, now available to you from Enhance a Colour. This enchanting fabric allows scenes on stage or at an event to be revealed by the changing of lights.

Our Scrims can both reflect, as well as transmit light. The way in which the Scrim is lit provides audiences with many engaging effects:

  • The fabric appears entirely opaque if lit from the sides or above
  • The material appears nearly transparent if the scene behind the fabric is lit. This can be used to create a dreamy or fog like appearance
  • If a light with a patterned template is aimed at the material, the image will appear on the fabric, and any objects behind the Scrim will be lit by the pattern as well

At Enhance a Colour, our advanced technology gives us the ability to produce Scrims up to an impressive 16 ft. by 100 ft. This large format is stunning, and provides scenic designers and production houses with the seamless bleed-through effect on stage that is just the ticket they are looking for. Our Scrims are coated, ensuring that color is richly displayed. As always, our fabrics are fire rated for safety.

Enhance a Colour Sharktooth Scrims most recently appeared on stage at Broadway’s Lucky Guy. Teaming with Showmotion, we created a 47 ft. wide by 27 ft. high Scrim backdrop of New York City. We printed using 4C solvent, for super color vibrancy. We also sewed the vertical seams and ties across the top, and as a finishing touch, scenic artists painted certain areas to enrich the black color.

With help from Enhance a Colour, crowds everywhere saw the stage in a new revealing light.

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