This marathon season, we were hired by Ryan Partnership to build an interchangeable fabric booth for Nestle Waters. The traveling booth was to be displayed at Marathons throughout the country. The interchangeable fabrics, or ‘multi-skins,’ were needed in order to swap out the names of Nestle Water’s products, as different states drink different brands of their water.

New Yorkers, for example, drink Nestle Water’s Poland Springs, but out in San Diego, Nestle serves up Arrowhead. Using our advanced technology, combined with innovative expertise, we developed a booth that could be easily transformed at each Marathon.

First, our skilled carpentry department built a 9 ft. LED back lit table, in the shape of a horseshoe. Depending on the space available at each race, the custom table can stay in the larger shape, or can break down into three separate smaller tables. The design makes the units very portable and easy to ship. The graphics for the table were created in 3D material, giving the feeling of thirst quenching dimension. Clear replaceable skin covers the piece, proudly displaying the products and logos. The table is plug powered, lighting up excitement for each water.

Next, two 20 ft. by 10 ft., and two 16 ft. by 10 ft. custom walls were produced from aluminum pipes that connect with pop pins, which are simple to install at each event. Replaceable fabrics easily pull over the walls, displaying tempting graphics to all who run by. Not to let any opportunity go to waste, we also created portable branded recycling cans, all with changeable fabric graphics. Custom road cases were provided as well, so the entire display can be easily put away and arrive at the next marathon ready to run.

As the races continue, we are glad to help Nestle Waters quench crowds across the nation, and ensure that their branding really goes the distance.

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