Recently, we teamed with the Ken Larson Company, creating amazing scenery for the Washington Ballet.  The dance performance was “Hemingway: The Sun Also Rises”, designed by Hugh Landwehr and Anshuman Bhatia.

Since we are the industry resource for 16 ft. theater backdrops, we were well rehearsed in all the ballet would require. Our advanced technology and expertise allowed us to create stunning 16 ft. dye-sublimated printed backdrops, in the most vivid colors, that had audiences’ imaginations dancing.

Our dye-sublimated theater backdrops can be washed, steam cleaned or ironed and easily stored, so they are ready to put on a show for the long run. Perfect for this ballet, since they were going on tour and would need backdrops that would last down the road. The spectacular backdrops also kept in step with the ballet’s budget: The fabrics are printed rather than painted, so they are visually effective and cost effective.

Back Stage Detail:
The show’s scene was divided into two sections, Paris and Italy.  The color that represented Paris was blue black and white, while Italy was red and grey. 1-8 fabric panels were used to create Paris, and 9-15 for Italy. The materials were printed in four color, cut to size, and hemmed with 2 in. Velcro. The Ken Larson Company made the welded frames, and the stage was transformed.  We were glad to help the ballet work with great material, fabrics that will remain on stage for all the upcoming encores.

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