Recently, our Environment Team transformed drab bank walls into a dazzling New York City Showcase.

JetBlue was sponsoring an event for this year’s AVSEC Aviation Security Conference. The location was at the site of a former Williamsburg bank. They envisioned turning the empty walls into a breathtaking New York City scape. In a New York minute, Enhance a Colour was there to help.

We have an enormous image bank and had over 4,000 pictures to select from. 16 images were chosen. Next, our advanced technology and years of expertise gave us the ability to print the scenes with captivating detail and in the most vibrant of colors. We created beautiful prints of the city that never sleeps, art work that ranged in size from 48 in. by 48 in. to 48 in. by 96 in. An oversized welcome banner was also produced directing guests to the exhibit.

Our quick and professional installation team was able to install the environment the day of the event, and take it all down the very next morning. The event was a success and our Environment Team was glad to help JetBlue create all they could envision.

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