The Cannondale bicycle brand was opening an innovative new store, in order to test products and marketing initiatives with consumers. Cannondale wanted to create a dynamic environment where customers could react to the products and provide feedback. They team up with Enhance a Colour.

For years, we have worked with Cannondale creating custom in-store graphics and event displays, and we were ready to shift into high gear to help.

We produced a variety of different forms of impactful graphics and signage, transforming the store into a very cool terrain. Our advanced technology gives us the capabilities to print in-store graphics in vibrant colors and amazing details, images that steer attention right to the brand. We can print on many different kinds of surfaces, from vinyl to fabric to acrylic to even glass and metal and wood, giving all new dimensions to brand displays.

We covered the entire course of the Cannondale space with a combination of 3M adhesive vinyl graphics, stunning magnetic wall graphics, Sintra prints and acrylic laser signage. The new landscape pumped up the energy, and drove in the crowds.

Since we are the installation pros, our team gave it their all, and was able to install everything in just four days. The store opening was a great success, and we were glad to be a part of an incredible starting line team.


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