If you are a Visual Services or Scenic Company that needs die-cutting, laser and routing services, Enhance a Colour is here to help. We have a full ensemble of the most advanced technology and precision cutting capabilities to create the most intricate and dynamic of shapes for your next show.  We are your one-stop resource, and will team with you to produce work that will totally awe your audiences.

Our state-of-the-art equipment gives us the ability to die-cut up to 5 ft. wide by 10 ft. long, and up to an amazing 3-6 in. thickness. In addition, we carry all types of bits and add-ons for our machines, which allow us to route different shapes and designs on virtually any type of material you request. For the best results, Enhance a Colour accepts files in 2010 DWG.

Below is just a partial listing of all we can create:

CNC Routing

  • Routing up to a maximum of 3 in. thick and for heavier pieces the ability to contour cut and glue together
  • Show Deck pieces of all types
  • Set Displays with grooved bits that can be fitted easily together
  • Dimensional signage cut from metals, wood, sign foam and more
  • Great for table top design

WaterJet Cutting:

  • Can cut custom steel foot plates, for aluminum frame systems
  • Aluminum Dimensional Cutting, for logos and signage
  • Etching and Cutting of Steel and Metals, for the most intricate of pieces
  • Cutting and Etching into surfaces like granite, ceramics, stone, glass, composites and most metals (up to 6 in. thick)

Laser Cutting, Etching & Engraving

  • Cutting, Flame Polishing and Etching Acrylics, for all types of special effects
  • Creating Signage for POP and LED edge lit signs
  • Engraving and etching stainless steel and other fine sheet metal materials
  • High Speed Cutting and 3D Engraving, for hardwoods, softwoods and exotic materials

At Enhance a Colour, we understand the needs of the Scenic Industry and will always keep cost concerns in sight.  Pricing for various services starts with a setup fee per each design and then is charged by an hourly rate depending on the complexity of the design, material being used and quantity of pieces being sought. For more information on all we can create together, contact us.  With WaterJet, Laser Cutting and Engraving Systems and CNC Routing by Enhance a Colour, your production will be a cut above the rest.

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