Lipton Iced Tea toasted the first days of summer with an amazing custom display – that was rented.  Lipton Iced Tea worked with Amplitude Marketing to create an event to salute the summer solstice. The budget was limited and Enhance a Colour joined the team to come up with a cool solution. We would rent them the equipment needed, so Lipton could keep cost concerns in sight.

We took an 8.5 x 11 sketch provided by Lipton of what they envisioned and brought it to life. We custom printed the portable bar, built the tent frame, covered it in full color printed fabric and added decorative lighting. In just two weeks, we produced a display that looked just like a summer cabana, with enticing graphics printed on custom fabrics. The cabana lit up, reflecting the feeling of the season. Crowds thirsting for summer, poured over the successful Lipton Iced Tea event, and we were glad to have been part of the one of the hottest marketing events under the sun.

Watch our brief video below on how it works

Down to Detail

  • We produced an 8 ft. by 8 ft. by 8 ft. pipe booth
  • The frame around the booth was a 2 in. round pop pin system
  • The booth had the ability to light up and the lights could change colors
  • The base lights and bar lights were battery powered for portability
  • The blank roof top was also produced
  • We printed the cool Lipton Iced Tea Graphics on an 8 ft. by 8 ft. fabric wall, in a flag cloth material to allow a sense of transparency and flow which worked with the surrounding beach-like location.
  • White Satin Drapes were created with white tassels to give a final tie in to the cabana like feel
  • The entire cabana was produced and installed in just two business weeks

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