The Hirshorn Zuckerman Design Group recently created an impressive set of model rooms, in order to show off the desirability of the studios, one and two bedroom rentals in The Larstrand. To provide the high-end finishing touches for the project, they sought the help of Environmental Graphics by Enhance a Colour. The blank walls of three model apartments became a gallery showcasing all that the building would offer.

We created six elegant wooden picture boxes, and six stunning acrylic panel prints. Each piece displayed the Larstrand’s five-star amenities, such as the rooftop terrace, the fitness center, the lounge, and the children’s playroom. The art work was printed in vivid colors with beautiful detail. We took care of the installation, ensuring the gallery was the picture of grace and charm. The showcase alluded sophistication, reflecting the elite style of the complex, and the stage was set to inspire prospective renters.

Down to Detail:

  • Six wooden pictures boxes were created, 36 in. wide by 20 in. high. Full Color was printed directly to pressure sensitive vinyl and covered with a black matte laminate. The boxes were ½ an inch deep, and hung one inch off the wall for an elegant visual effect.
  • Six acrylic panel prints were also created, 72 in. wide by 18 in. high. For the prints, a full color process was used as well, with white ink printed directly on the acrylic.
  • The entire environment was expertly installed.

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