This running season, we teamed with Henry V Events for an action packed PR kickoff to announce the new running shoe, Adidas Springblade. We have years of experience creating powerful displays for PR events, and had many ideas to run with for Adidas.

We produced a dynamic display that put the new star shoe on the pedestal it deserved. In order for the Springblade to be the focal point from different angles of the room, we created a 3-sided Y frame display. In each of the three sections of the Y, a pedestal stood featuring the product proudly on top.

To echo the feeling of the explosive energy of the shoe, attention grabbing LED lights stemmed from the pedestals’ frosted glass tops, lighting up the Springblade and its unique features.  The logo and lettering made an impact as well, standing out to crowds from black backdrop with crystal frosted material. The press was greeted in each of the three sections of the Y display, and the buzz began for the stunning new running shoe.

Creating and installing the event was a race in itself, but we made great time. The display was produced in just three working days. We installed everything at 6am the day of the event, and put it all away that afternoon right after the festivities ended. The launch for the Adidas Springblade was held at the flagship Adidas store in Manhattan and was a tremendous success. We were proud to once again team with Adidas and Henry V Events to surpass the media’s expectations.

Down to Detail

  • The Y frame was 8 ft by 8 ft, made of aluminum.
  • The material was double sided,  black acrylic and Sintra.
  • The pedestals were designed with frosted glass tops and powerful LED lights to spotlight the product from below.
  • The logo and lettering were produced in crystal frosted material for added impact.
  • The event display was created in just 3 working days, and installed and taken down the same day of the conference.

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