The Westport Country Playhouse kicked off its 2013 season with the play The Dining Room. For this celebrated masterpiece, the scenic designer Michael Yeargan, production director John Mosele, along with their creative team, needed to transform the blank stage into a beautiful dining room.

The room was to be the focal point of the drama, so it was paramount that the space was captivating. However, the design budget was not big enough to encompass building an entire fireplace and other needed ornamentation. Also, there was limited time to create the set.

But the show must go on. We are well rehearsed in the needs of the scenic industry, and had a few great ideas. We created the entire scene by printing on fabric. Our state-of-the-art, 16 foot dye-sublimation capability produced seamless work with amazing detail, on both Broadway and Muslin fabric materials. Once the fabric was printed, we wrapped the material around the wooden walls of the set. We printed all three walls, which included a representation of an elegant mantle and beautifully subdued paneling. We also printed the floor piece, which appeared as a fashionable woven rug.

Timing is everything in theater, and we were able to produce everything in just one week.  We were glad to help the cast and crew of The Dining Room receive rave reviews, and start their 2013 theater season off with a stylish hit.

Down to Detail

  • Dynamic prints were produced to cover the 3 walls and the floor.
  • Downstage Room –  44 ft. W by 11 ft. H
  • MidStage Room – 20 ft. W by 11 ft. H
  • Upstage Room – 19 ft. W by 11 ft. H
  • Floor- 11 ft. W by 20 ft. L
  • The fabric prints were produced using our 16 ft. capable dye-sublimation machine, printed onto Broadway and Muslin fabrics.
  • We produced the proofs and the printed fabric in just one week.

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