Chipotle Mexican Grill was going on the road with a traveling event.  They wanted to create an environment that would demonstrate to crowds that their ingredients are farm-fresh.  The displays needed to reflect the marketing message in a unique way, and tempt hungry foodies across the country.  

Chipotle teamed with Drive 21 Marketing to create the designs, and then we became part of the mix to prepare the event displays.  Enhance a Colour is the premier chef of graphic production and event displays.  Our advanced technology and years of experience gives us the ability to print in seamless, tempting colors with delicious detail.

In order to cook up excitement for this traveling show, we created three different types of presentations.  First, we served up 5 triangular displays.  Each of the 5 displays was an impressive 10 feet tall by 4 feet wide, and portrayed the delectable freshness of Chipotle.

Next, we designed a custom display that was a combination of fabric and lightweight durable PVC panels.  Printed in eye-catching detail, this display showed the benefits of products grown by local farmers.

The last course was an attention grabbing piece that stood 8 feet tall by 30 feet long, by 8 feet wide.  Made of a combination of aluminum framing and PVC ¾ inch thick panels, the display proudly depicted the difference between Chipotle’s farm-fresh ingredients and their competition.

The traveling event brought in customers, and got people hungry for the brand.  The displays were all easy to set-up and travel ready, so the successful Chipotle event was truly prepared to-go.

Down to Detail
Three different types of dynamic displays were produced, which included:

  • 5 triangle displays, 10 FT tall by 4 FT wide
  • 1 display made of a combination of fabric and PVC panels
  • 1 display made of a combination of aluminum framing and PVC ¾ inch thick panels, which was 8 FT tall x 30 FT long, x 8 feet wide.
  • All were travel ready and easy to set-up

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