This summer, Pure Leaf Tea teamed with Amplitude Marketing to create a totally refreshing event.  Pure Leaf Tea needed portable displays to take on the road that looked just like the displays from the year before – but this time, they wanted everything to be very light weight.  We were called on to help.

One of the advantages of working with Enhance a Colour is that we have our own in-house Fabrication and Carpentry Department.  We can handle all your graphics needs, and have ability to build anything you can envision.  For Pure Leaf Tea, our Fabrication team totally replicated the older displays with new light weight solutions.

First, we made the new back wall using printed fabric and metal.  The older wall consisted of 8 panels of 4×8 wood and laminate, bolted together.  The item was heavy to move, took up space in transportation, and need an hour to set up.  To produce the new display, we scanned the wood pattern, and printed the patterned graphics on fabric.  The fabric was made to attach to the metal frame.  Shelving was added in the front of the display and an awning in the back, so viewers could not tell the fabric was made of material instead of wood.  Now with the new display, in just 15 minutes instead of an hour, the wall could be set up, and easily lifted away.


A Rolling Cooler
In order to make Pure Leaf Tea truly a unique event, our Fabrication Team developed two entirely new products.   The Rolling Cooler by Enhance a Colour was created.  These new coolers on wheels featured the Pure Leaf Tea logo in vivid detail, and kept the tea and the event very cool.

A Magnetic Chalkboard
We also developed the new Magnetic Chalkboard.  This lightweight A-Framed magnetic board looks just like the popular chalk board and has a 24″ base with 54″ or a 60″ wide magnetic material that can be printed in four color process plus white ink. The messages can be changed quickly and easily.  The Pure Leaf Tea Chalkboard drew in audiences, displaying fun graphics and appealing illustrations.

Custom Carved Cutting Boards, Tree Boxes and Umbrellas
For the grand finale, our Fabrication Team turned their attention to the tables, this time creating tables on wheels that could be effortlessly rolled away.  Beautifully etched cutting boards were also carved, along with logoed umbrellas and tree boxes for the potted plants, creating a scene, and taking advantage of every marketing opportunity.   The Pure Leaf Tea traveling event was well received by thirsty crowds everywhere, and we were glad to help lighten up the mood.

Down to Detail

  • 2 mobile themed displays were created, either to be used depending on the size allotted at the venue.
  • The back walls of the units were made from fabric and aluminum, to lower the weight, and to speed up set up and take down.
  • Tables were built by our Fabrication and Carpentry Team, and featured wheels to keep the show rolling
  • Beautifully etched cutting boards, logoed umbrellas and plant pots were also produced.
  • Two new products were created with portability in mind, the Rolling Coolers and the Magnetic Chalkboard.
  • The Rolling Coolers were created, displaying graphics in thirst quenching detail, while keeping everything cool.
  • The Magnetic Chalkboard was created that allows messages to be easily changed.

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